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Nuestra misión es construir familias sólidas y vecindarios saludables y seguros a través del discipulado, el orgullo comunitario y el desarrollo de viviendas asequibles de calidad.

Builders of Hope tuvo sus inicios como vivienda  iniciativa de Voice of Hope Ministries en West Dallas. En 1998, se convirtió en su propia organización sin fines de lucro (rebautizada como Builders of Hope en 2002) comprometida exclusivamente con la lucha contra la pobreza en Dallas a través de  el desarrollo de viviendas asequibles, proporcionando servicios muy necesarios para compradores de viviendas de bajos ingresos, desarrollo de la fuerza laboral y fomentando el orgullo comunitario en los vecindarios en los que trabajamos.  

BOH se ha convertido desde entonces en uno de los  los mayores desarrolladores de viviendas asequibles en una ciudad que está desesperada  necesidad de  y trabajar en West Dallas, Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove y más. Como organización de desarrollo comunitario reconocida a nivel nacional, nos esforzamos por empoderar a los residentes de  las comunidades en las que servimos  formas estratégicas.



Banco Nacional Americano

Banco de referencia

Capital uno


Ciudad de dallas

Fundación de Comunidades de Texas

Condado de Dallas

Inwood Bank

Fundación Rees Jones

Departamento de Vivienda y Asuntos Comunitarios de Texas

Fondo de entresuelo de Texas

2do sábado

Corporación de Vivienda Asequible del Estado de Texas

La Fundación de la Familia Boone

La Fundación Meadows

Banco Mirador

Wells Fargo

BCL de Texas

Centro para la gestión de organizaciones sin fines de lucro

Iglesia Concord Dallas

Fundación de Comunidades de Texas

Conexión con el hogar de Dallas

Instituto de Fe y Filantropía

Coalición de Vivienda del Norte de Texas

Sirve West Dallas



We strive to make West Dallas, Pleasant Grove, and Oak Cliff an affordable, attractive option for potential home buyers, as well as improve the living condition and value of existing homes. To accomplish this, our projects in this area include:

  • building new homes at affordable prices on vacant lots

  • demolishing and rehabbing vacant substandard houses

  • helping senior citizens to repair their homes


Partnering with the City of Dallas, Dallas County and lending partners, Builders of Hope is able to build and sell homes between $95,000 – $150,000. 


The 3 and 4 bedroom / 2 bath homes are energy efficient with energy star appliances having modern construction and insulation practices.  Homes built by Builders of Hope are not only pocketbook but environmentally friendly.


Finding and purchasing the right home at the right price can be a challenge. Families on a limited budget, in particular, face barriers such lack of downpayment, insufficient credit, and money management. To help potential homebuyers overcome these barriers and guide them toward making a well-informed investment, there are classes offered in, homeownership, budgeting, obtaining a home loan, home maintenance, and other financial literacy classes.


Builders of Hope combines two nationally recognized curricula (Men’s Fraternity and Jobs for Life) in a workforce readiness program affectionately known as Project REACH.    Project REACH provides character and life skills development for young men aged 17-30 who seek to move beyond their once troubled past.  The goal is to equip the young men with life skills that prepares them for success in the job market.


The program maintains open enrollment for individuals in targeted areas who are on probation.  Project REACH in partnership with local churches matches young men with more established men from churches to help them navigate their personal, spiritual, and work life.  Builders of Hope is constantly on the lookout for business men and church leaders who are willing to pour positively in the life of another young man.


A major part of maintaining a safe and healthy community involves drawing upon the energy, ideas, and experiences of the residents themselves. That is why we hold community meetings to help resolve various issues. Through our partnerships with residents, the police department, and other city agencies, these efforts are helping to reduce criminal activity in our area.

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